Policy – Passenger Code of Conduct and Procedures

Passenger Code of Conduct for a Respectful and Safe Environment

Our Drivers are responsible for driving the bus and ensuring passenger safety. The Driver has the right to refuse boarding to a person or to ask them to leave the bus if, in the Driver’s judgement, they pose a risk to themselves or to others, do not have the correct fare, or the bus is at capacity.

The following disrespectful or unsafe behaviour is not tolerated in Hub Transit vehicles or the office:

  • Endangering the safety of others or the safe operation of a bus or train
  • Verbal or physical abuse
  • Threats, harassment or intimidating behaviour
  • Intoxication and/or disorderly conduct
  • Consumption or distribution of personal alcohol, marijuana/cannabis or illegal substances
  • Smoking or the use of electronic smoking devices/vaping
  • Carrying a weapon or a false declaration that you or any other person is carrying a weapon

In case of disrespectful or unsafe behaviour, transportation may be refused or the offender may be asked to leave the bus. Police may also be asked to intervene and offenders may be prosecuted.

Smoking and Vaping

Hub Transit offers a 100% smoke-free environment on our buses, stops and stations. Smoking and/or vaping is not permitted on board buses, at bus stops or in the Hub Transit office.

Alcoholic Beverages

Provincial liquor laws prohibit the consumption of alcohol on public transit.

Lost Articles

Hub Transit assumes no liability for articles lost or left on a bus, at a stop or in the office. We will make every effort to help recover lost belongings. Call 738-1884 (town bus) or 7380-3990 (Hudson/Lac Seul bus) for assistance.


Pets are not permitted on our vehicles EXCEPT with riders who must travel with a service animal. Emotional Support Dogs are permitted at the discretion of the driver and must be safely controlled by their owner. 


Hub Transit does not provide seat belts on our vehicles.

Car Seats

Customers may use child safety seats, strollers or other devices for their children, provided a child’s fare is paid and the parent/guardian is responsible for the security and safe storage of such devices.