Hub Transit Updates

Hub Transit is now running scheduled routes between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with a break from noon until 1:00 p.m. for lunch.

Fares are $5/ride for adults and $2/ride for ages 12 and under. Exact change only.

Hub Transit users may use designated stops along the regular route (see map below, downloadable as a PDF) OR create "flagged stops" on the route north of Fair Street to board and depart the bus. When you want to flag the scheduled bus to stop along the flagged stop route, please follow these steps:

  • Find a safe location along the route, where visibility is clear and the bus can easily stop.
  • Stand on the side of the road on which the bus is traveling.
  • Wave at ("flag") the bus driver to request a stop.
  • Wait for the bus to come to a stop.
  • Board the bus!

Hub Transit passes are available for purchase from the Finance Department at the Municipal Office, 25 Fifth Avenue.

Due to increased fuel costs, fares will increase starting April 1, 2022:

One way fare - $5. Return fare - $8.

20-ride Pass - $70.

Monthly Pass - $110.

The Hudson Route is available by request only. Call 738-5460 to book. To reduce COVID risks, Hub Transit requires all riders to wear masks and to hand-sanitize prior to boarding. Please DO NOT board the bus if you have COVID symptoms and require testing or assessment. Call 738-1844 for more information.

Important Service Update to All Riders

Hub Transit has once again been overwhelmingly successful over the past year. We have exceeded our ridership estimates by around 10% even through the COVID-19 restrictions. and continue to attract a diverse ridership.  Fares will remain the same as 2020 (as listed in our pamphlet, Facebook page or website
Our scheduled route and bus times ensure the dependability and timeliness of service to all passengers who must arrive on time at work, appointments or school.  
We depend upon all riders to utilize the schedule as outlined in our pamphlet, on our Facebook page and on our website  
You may track bus location or route by downloading MyTrax GPS app to your mobile device and type HUB in the location shown.   

To support our scheduled route and times, Hub Transit will make the following changes:

  • ALL riders requiring pickup between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE  (within 24 hours) to ensure the time and location you require are available. If you have pre-registered for a pick-up and your plans change, please notify the driver as soon as possible.
  • After 9:00 AM riders will be required to adhere to the published schedule. Check the schedule to ensure you catch the bus at the best time to meet your needs (northbound or southbound times will affect your travel time). 
  • Riders who are unable to physically access the scheduled route may call for pickup.  Pickup times will correspond with the closest point on the scheduled route as shown on the printed schedule or MyTrax GPS.


Hub Transit UPDATE